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Hey there, Fall semester has ended, so i've got plenty of time to knock out some character commissions!
I'm basically using this downtime from school to build my first portfolio and also to kinda rework my gallery to seem more professional. Still building on it.

Here's what i'm offering:
Simple BG, with your character fully painted:
Gale Cosplay by DxRhym
Prices $15

:thumb343722207: Mero Mero by DxRhym
Prices $10

I'm also flexible as to the type of commission, send me a note if you have any questions!

I'm down to work with any type of char, and i'll put a lot of work into making your character come to life as best I can.

I'll accept up to 3 commissions at a time. For each commission, expect 3 days time for completion. Please drop me a message by e-mail or send me a note if you're interested.

Payable via Paypal only

I'll post what work I do at a lower resolution, and give you the full size PSD for personal use and such. I'll also leave all the layers intact so you can see how I work.

What you get: The high-res png. of the picture and the full-resolution file (300dpi) PSD of the artwork for your personal use (eg. printing for your own wall or giving to a friend or family member. Printing/profiting off of my work is forbidden)

Disclaimer: As the creator of the work I will keep the rights to it and you are not to republish, alter, reprint commercially or otherwise make profit of the work.

My Email is
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Submitted on
December 10, 2012